What Goes up Must Come Down!

Yesterday afternoon during my day off, I decided to take a trail up and down the hill of Dimapatoy watershed. Prepared my gear, water and my mountain bike then I hit the road at low speed.

Randomly taken pictures on my way to the small river (^^....) after two ictures or I was caught by excitement to drive the high speed down hill track, forgotten that I was out of the bars for a month, I put on my helmet and slide down the track at high speed. I forgot I was not a pro and much more I haven't seen the latest face of the trail, since the terrain here changes every time there is strong rain.

With excitement and thrill flooding my head I was about at the end of the trail when stumble over a small ramp that send my bike about 2 meters above the ground (It wasn't this high before T_T.....) and upon landing my front wheel hit a loose rock that made my handle bar tilt about 30 degrees and send me and my bike to the rocky side of the trail. Glad I wore my helmet that my head is still intact without a scratch!

Shaking but smiling in pain I picked my bike and checked for damaged if I can still finish the trail. The bike suffered from a loose cogs and deformed derrailleur (Damn those parts worth 5k! T_T), while I suffered from minor bruises and wounds, but all is well.

I finished the trail and took pictures of the watershed that use to be our picnic site until now. On my way home I was a bit in pain and pushing my bike to get a first aid at home!

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