Teacher Flisha

I have almost nothing in mind to blog about tonight. But I had learned today something about HTML and about a site that teaches easy HTML.

I had been posting ads and blogging paid opportunity here in my blog with basics of copy and paste commands. Recently I got the chance to blog about a certain ad with a oversize image, my post was initially rejected due to the oversize image that did not fit my blog page. I took my initiative of editing the image size not knowing that it should be with it's HTML code.

My post was rejected the second time around, so I decided to ask teacher Flisha, a blogger at Socialspark and blogger.com. I met her just by looking through this community of bloggers. I find her attractive and I use to send request only to girls I find sweet unto my eyes!... ^-^) so I decided to send her a request to add her as a friend. No other intentions or so, just pure attraction with her picture and a glitter on her nose!

Teacher Flisha gave me a hint regarding my problem and I scanned my other post and check some samples on the web and solved my problem. It's not the first time teacher Flisha assisted me in this blogging hobby and work.

This blog is sponsored and paid by me for my nice and cute Teacher Flisha. You reach her through her blog site at blogger.com http://randomdetox.blogspot.com

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