The Rug Rat's Lair

I've been shooting pictures of places and objects outdoor but never been shooting indoors. I just got stocked here inside my box so I decided to write something about my rat house and share how messy my hideout is. It takes a spark to get me busy cleaning, and when I'm not inspired to do so this is how my barracks looks like.

This is the entrance where you can see my garage and my big bike! beside it is the machine shop , I have a dim light in my mansion so it is slightly dark in here.

Over her is my living room, bedroom, closet, stockroom, studio and office space.

There you have it, it's the best interior design in the face of all aridity. Any suggestions feel free to drop your comments, and maybe I get inspired to redesign my box!

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wEn said...

Ditto the title LOL =p

-Samantha A.H The Mail Ordered Bride-