I had fun the other day talking with my friend from Japan through Yahoo Messenger. It was almost a month since we had our last short chat, we usually make fun with each other by calling the other with native or invented names. Fabricating story and turn the other to look like a clown.

In our recent short chat he was able to tell that he was out the web due to exams and work related reasons. And we had fun chatting using Japanese language, although I was making my own language by putting Rs and ni at the end of the words and sentences such as: unsa ni kaon ni putson ni? (Will you eat this or should I pack it?), diri masarap ni! (it taste awful).

I asked him about pictures regarding his place the people and most especially the girls (^^)! I'm kinda interested with the anime looks of women in Japan I find it cute, fun and interesting. And maybe by next time we will have a chat session, I'll have a glance with the place he use to stay and as well as the school were he is studying and working. And also to know and judge how good he is with picture taking!

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c0rin said...

Me too, I love Japanese women. Hahaha. I've been up in the mountains looking after eagles. Busy life.