Hyper Text Mark up Language

After posting my recent opp post from SS. I was busy researching for a better template on my free lance page. I needed more columns, teacher Flisha advised me to look for templates with 3 columns instead of editing my current template.

Teacher was right, but as I was scrolling through the web, I found a lot of beautiful and good templates. So many that I found nothing that suits my taste (sorry me... malcontent! ^^). I just decide to study further HTML and CSS. I wanted to make my own template. I hope I won't mess things up, and this interest will not be left hanging at the middle.

God bless me and Good luck for me!


Blue Ginger said...

hi. if you need help in html, i think i can help you. =)

have a great weekend!

Aerox said...

weeeeee thanx so much Ms. Blue!