The Hands of God

I am not the kind of man who can give and satisfy your wants neither do I am like a God who can make wonders beyond man's ability. For if I was, I would love to make all things clear and beautiful. The very best ending for each life form.

If I have the hands of God! There will be no hunger, no pain, no hate and no poverty. But I am not! And we live in an unfair plains of competition. We all struggle for the best of what we think of which is good for ourselves and rarely think of others.

In the modern world where seven deadly sins are no longer issues of morality, but are rather reasons to survive and to keep phase with ever changing world. Fast and constant changes, that only fate holds the answers to questions that begins with why!

To what fruits of my thoughts might lead you then, I only wish that I have shared to you a spark of truth that may change your insights about life, whether it was the best or the worst it has been!

"Everyone is thinking of changing Humanity! But rarely thinks of changing themselves!"
- I forgot the author of this qoute- ^_^;;;;

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