Gateway Pt.1

Yesterday a staff from a bank called me regarding my application for Credit Card, they were asking a few more documents regarding my identification.

My friends told me that acquiring a Credit Card for the first time is crucial and most applicant gets denied, especially if there is no enough proof for your capacity to pay and some very good character references.

I am a good payor! (^^) But I'm not good in making credits, because most of the time I wanted make all of my transactions in cash to cash basis. i just don't force my self to have something if I can't buy it through cash to cash basis, especially if it is not a important and urgent need! I really don't need a credit card until I got hold of my paypal account and dollars were slowly pouring in from labors of pressing keyboard and picture taking.

I hope I get my Credit Card Application Approved so as my shopping and saving spree will not be limited with online transactions via paypal alone.

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