I can't remember when was the last time I've watch a very intriguing and interesting sci-fi movie, but as far as I can remember by 1980's I got to watch Terminator, Back to the Future 1 and 2 and other movies that I can't remember the title and details.

The movie that makes me wish to be true is the Back to the Future, I wanted to time travel to change something of my past, I wanted to stop an accident that lead to some of my frustrations and keeps me wishing "If I just did".

Now! In the era of cyberworld, where one man can be at any place in just one push of a button. A new movie that directs the camera from spears and bow to bullets and missiles, from cart and horse to tanks and fighter planes. A movie that will take you inside a Pandora's box of sci-fi and thrill of
WarGames, coming this July 24th. A one night show only with special peeks and interviews. Get updated with WarGames - The Dead Code-


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