Fire Exit

I didn't know if I made a good entrance or just made a bad exit. Your silence could either be a yes or a no! I told you before I cannot read you're mind. Because if I were you will run out of words of gratitude and you will find yourself apologizing too much! If you want something, say it. If you need something, ask for it. Simple and plain, not too complicated to comprehend.

Don't ask too much than how much you can show, because if you will, you will find yourself nothing more compared to a parasite and a usurer! You're motives are as visible as your wretched body language out of sync like my obsolete video card! I'm too young to be your sugar daddy and you're too old to act like a baby!

If you don't want to grow up! Go and find yourself a Never Never Land and make friends with the likes of Peter Pan and Captain Hook! This is the real world kid, and in this world we chase time. Don't procrastinate too much like Garfield. "Today itself is late, the wise men lived yesterday", if you're not a wise man and neither a fool, well so am I! Find yourself a box and pile up your fantasies inside and live your own world of fallacy!


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