Disconnected via Landslide

It was already 10 in the morning when I woke last July 8, 2008 and I went to the computer room to check my blog and accounts at PayPerPost and Socialspark, but our internet connection was disconnected. I said to myself must be a server reset.

I took a bath and decided to go downtown to check my ordered parts for my busted desktop pc. After 3 hours I went back and found out that our internet connection is still offline. I called our Internet Service Provider technical staff regarding the problem, but they said there wasn't any advisory or the disconnection or trouble in our area. I tried to call the their local business office in our city, but there's no one around to answer my call.

The following morning still me and my friends who need internet service are still lurking in the dark. I was worried I got a reserved post got expired. Later on I have learned that there was Fiber Optics breakdown due to landslide caused by frequent precipitations.

Just tonight after winning two strategy games, we got ourselves wired again and back online. I rushed to my blog and PPP and SS account and got the chance to take a opportunity after loosing one because of the disaster.

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