Credentials to be Credible

Ever since I graduated from college and finished my computer electronics based course I wanted to stay in touch with the pace of computer technology. Way back then applying for a IT certification or enrolling for another short term schooling or training to be and eligible IT professional was very frustrating, since I have to go to a school and it consumes my time, that I never had any IT certification related credentials.

I decide to stay in touch with computer technology by surfing the web and piece by piece I got this Information Technology puzzle assembled in my own way. But all I have learned is not yet enough and the best way to know more about IT and earn a certification is to get a online course or at least a web based tutorial.

Earning IT certification such as Cisco certification will be a plus if you are planning to apply for employment on companies that requires IT certification. Much more, since Information Technology is a generalized term for information processing and broadcasting, CISCO divided it to branches that will allow you to choose a focused application of the technology. Whether you are in for your career, connectivity with the computer network and people, certificates or for additional information and factual knowledge about IT.

Visit the site and you will find there comprehensive web pages and course syllabus, as well as the network of people that are currently on discussions regarding IT and The Cisco Learning Network or just surf and browse the site to get a first glance of the trainings and few advices from the experienced experts of Cisco.

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