At the Command Center

Today I'm very busy waiting for opportunities at PPP and SS, Editing my Blogspot layout and post.

Here I'm checking my financial status with adsense, this one is the most complicated part with my online monetizing activities, I find it hard to get a very good GPR, it's been a year and I haven't had any GPR, not even one.
Over here is my Drops inbox at entrecard, as you can see teacher Flisha's weird picture is here, she's my avid fan (Lolz....) I mean I am her avid fan!

This is the PPP opportunity page it's where I wait for Opps, as you can see no available for today, I rarely get post here because i have no GPR at all.

This one is the Socialspark opportunity page, at this society I get the most of my paid post and sponsorship.
My blogsite layout, recently added new features with the layouts, so right now I make use of it, it's helpful and adds a li'l more style to blogger's page.
This one is a snapshot of my blogcatalog at freelance aerox page, as you can see my beautiful teacher Flisha ust recently visited my page, as I told you she's my avid fan and I'm her die-hard student! ^_^

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Flisha said...

Heh, I'm just dropping your EC! Haha.

Buti ka pa may SezWho...