The 18th Commandment

Yesterday evening I was out to take a dinner at our neighbors house. Yes I was invited to take a dinner at their house because it was an 18th birthday of their one and only daughter. The only requirements to get in is a gift. The celebration is not the same as the last debut that I attended, it was just simple, just the same with an ordinary birthday celebration with just a twist of an idea that it is a 18th birthday.

The first time Mrs. A asked me about the birthday celebration, I was already thinking one week ahead of what would be my gift. I never brought any gift before on their only child's birthday. I just go in and say happy birthday and take my plate and enjoy my favorite dish.

I decide to make a li'l surprise with gift giving. I bought two gifts that I gave the celebrant in different instances, one is a birthday card manly colored and brief notes for the sake of gift giving and a handwriting of a primitive pulse, second was a Crissa long sleeve pink blouse with girly stuff on it. The celebrants reaction with the gifts were surprising and so was I, because the celebrant told me that, with all the gifts tendered to her mine was interesting from the package alone. (Gosh....) I never thought that I was good with gift wrapping combination the fact that I just pointed the materials to use in wrapping and asked a kind sales clerk at the mall to wrap it for me. Nevertheless I was the one choose the colors, and designs, that's the point ^-^!

I'm planning to make a gift giving to somebody else who might be reading this one right now. I'm afraid that she might get jealous! Peace! Don't worry I know, I've come realize it the other day!

Damn I forgot to take a photo of the gift! T_T

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urajerk said...

Does anyone live in a subdivision where there are several people who ignore the subdivision rules?
I do. No one is supposed to have those ugly fences on the top of their pools, and it seems that everyone in the sub with a pool has one of those. My neighbor has one, and I have to look at that hideous thing every time I look out my window. Then there is my other neighbor who has three dogs. The maximum number of dogs is supposed to be two. I wouldn't mind the three, but two of them are pit bulls who viciously snarl and growl and act like they are going to eat my dog when they are outside. Even the owners scream at them to stop. It is very unnerving. Then one of the board members is delinquent by 3 years on the dues because she has decided she doesn't need to pay since she is on the board. I can't take the neighbors around here. I was looking for a forum to vent about the jerks around here and I came across this site called and I sent all of those idiots on the board and all my lovely neighbors with the ugly pools an anonymous card. LOL I loved it. I know it sounds stupid but I feel better. He he he