White Flower Dance

Truth hurts! And in being hurt we are blundered and lose interest without understanding the deeper reasons. We tend to judge by its effect and not by it's aims. We deviate for our own reasons without a word, resulting to injury and we are misunderstood. We tend to be overprotective and lose a vital color of what life has to offer. And we find ourselves lacking at a point when we journey inward and alone!

A silence that deafens is nothing more but a selfishness uncovered and cowardice made courageous by pride. Dreams can take over things that cannot be realized at the moment. But as long as you continue to deny things instead of resolving things you must resolve, you will find it harder to perform what you ought to resolve when you started with procrastination.

It is true that there is adequate and right time for every task to resolve. But if you just realize what you must realize, you will be able to understand that one can read the other. Not all people are born with the gift of understanding, but if you will sum it up all, life is conjunction with the other that makes the other being understood.

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