Stargate to Headache

It was June 21, when I was feeling uncomfortable, that night that I wanted to sleep straight to Mars. The only gate that I think would be effective for this was a liter of beer, but I have no option of capsule for that, for that night I must reformat my computers to a performance level for the era of Cabal and soon to come Dekaron.

The next day I barely had sleep because when I was in the cabin the crew keep on knocking at my door asking for somethings that are either important or questions out of their stupid curiosity. The worst part of resting was when I stay at the conference room I hear not a word from those people.

The night comes when I headed to Codename Daddy's house for the birthday of her daughter, we were having chatting session regarding some of our past sprees with all other friends our stupidity and fun rides. We consumed two liters of Generoso and two liters of Red Horse after eating supper with lechon de pig and rice and other usual foods during a celebration.

We decided to finish up the spree at the nearest shuttle because the night was still young. We consumed six liters of Red Horse that I find myself seeing starts at the selling. Early next morning when I woke up I have that stupid horse still in my head and a Raiders flat tire (sigh.. T_T)

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