Scratching Raider for a Goat

It was late yesterday afternoon when my brother Codename Hearty came home with a pain in the eyes, and after investigating we found out that he and his buddy had a crash along the highway.

The cause of the accident was a pregnant goat without a rope and unattended by the owner along the highway, my brother noticed the goat that they've already slow down their speed. But the impact of the running goat at the side of the motorcycle was strong enough to send the two of them down the pavement. Both suffered injury at their right elbow of second degree bruise and wounds, and luckily no fracture or any other more injury.

The worst part of the accident was, the owner of the goat asked for payment of their goat for two thousand pesos. Although it wasn't my brothers fault of hitting into a unattended cattle, they humbly paid the old lady understanding that the area was a rebel infested barangay.

Early that night we had a goat for supper in replacement of the scratch for the motorcycle and my brothers .

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