Noodle Soup of Destruction No.2

It was a cold afternoon when the horizon was getting dark and the eye of the sky starts to glitter like crystals on the seashore. Thinking of dinner time, what am I gonna prepare for my peaky siblings!

Tampalasan doesn't like instant noodles and veges, while Pigrolac loves noodles but she hates grass on it unless it taste like a first class noodles from a well-known fastfood chain!

It came to my mind to reinvent my instant noodle recipe when I saw a malunggay tree at our neighbor's backyard. I called up Pigrolac to ask for our kind neighbor for a couple of twigs of the vege's leaves and buy three packs of chicken instant noodles, 4 eggs (for 4 persons), onion, garlic and a cup of evaporated milk (new ingredient)!

Stew garlic, onion noodles on the frying pan with a li'l oil, break hardboiled eggs one per serve, when the noodles golden brown add hot water and seasoning, when noodles almost cook add malunggay leaves, when the leaves are cooked, add evaporated milk and salt to taste plus a pinch of sugar. Serve with crushed hardboiled egg per serve!

After the meal, I had an empty casserole and 4 sleepy people with full stomachs! When at first were anxious to taste my experimental recipe that destroyed lost of appetite for instant noodles and veges!

Now that's what I call destruction!

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