Hooked by Excitement with the Quest

I was a bit busy the past few days That I don't have much time to play my online games, just little by little peeping my MU character and hunt a while is all the activities in the cyberworld.

Just a peep little by little I got hooked with Cabal's in game quests that makes the game exciting, the task taking quest with the game is somewhat similar with Ran's perspective but the game wasn't enticing for me even thou it was a free play MMORPG. What hooked me with Cabal was it was similar with MU but with a challenging mix of the quest, and much more the application dynamic 3d, where players can change the camera's angular perspective.

Currently my character is already level 21, quite slow for two weeks of gaming, as I said "just a peep little by little"

SS will follow later......

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