Cruising to Navilan

Just early this morning while I was cleaning the computer room Sgt. Major came by and ask me to come with him and the others to scout the mountain bike cross country trail for the city's coming anniversary in a rush expression. I said I'll chase 'em cause I haven't had my breakfast and immediately I rushed into the kitchen and ate some bananas and drink a glass of milk just to have unempty stomach.

After gearing up I rushed immediately to the starting line and I just arrived just in time as the group started the cruise. We started at a li'l muddy trail and then to rocky one's and when we arrived somewhere in the quarry where about one minute downhill we post for a picture taking before proceeding and I rushed down the hill after the go signal and waited for the others at bridge.

After the bridge was about 400 meters of uphill, it's where I almost lost my strength and energy. As we reached the to top we rested for about 10 minutes before proceeding. The following trail was not that technical but was muddy and full of soil eroded holes.

The sun was high when we finished the cruise and almost time for lunch, the commanding general thank everyone who came with the cruise and we all departed by group from the camp.

The trail was a bit short bu I had fun even though, because it was my first time to take the

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