Command and Conquer

It was lat night when the shop was already in a state of silence, I asked a couple of my regular customers to play with me the Real Time Strategy game, Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour, the original mood.

It was two on two game and a random map location and a random faction selection. Me and Jumper lost the whole of the game we made only one point out of four games. Nevertheless we enjoyed the game very much especially the last part when me and my team mate had both GLA faction, mine was Stealth GLA and Jumper's was Demolition GLA.

Although I was not that good in handling GLA, I managed to survive the whole of the game and made a very good retaliation.

The opponents lost when we broke their defenses via back door with the special attack of the GLA faction, the Snick Attack.

We ravaged their camp with demolition motorcycles and my quadcannons!

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