Another Business Trip

I went to Kabacan early this morning to deliver few boxes of sanitary napkins. It was quite heavy because I have to cancel my plan to join the cross-country mountain bike game. But I made a decision to give a much more priority to my newly started business.

I half to give a li'l more of my time for this one, it was one of the reason why I diverted my savings and other funds and took the risk, hoping that it will be off good impact to my future financial security and stability.

Even though the return of investment is a bit slow, but it's much faster compared to my stagnant funds in the bank. And much more I see a light of hope when some people I approached with the business were positive and where eager to the business especially when the product where reliably effective according to target consumers!

Now I'm looking forward to expand more my subordinates to be able to have the target sales by end of five months!

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