Bone Blade

It's been 2 years since we were planning to make our online gaming something more than just having fun. It was just recently when that plan was realized.

Hunting down Kundun is one of the challenge in MU, he is the only monster in-game that will drop the most expensive and strongest item in the continent of the legends. It's been three weeks since we were taking only minimal items until last night!

After an hour of poison and and combo hits with some kill and steal party, Kundun has fallen into the hands of mighty Blade Knights and Soul Masters!

Kundun dropped Bone Blade and other expensive items. We were all shouting after winning the hunt with a very expensive trophy. We all went to the town of Devias to sell the expensive weapon in exchange of one thousand Jewel of Bless. We then divided it equally to five of us and all were happy.

We used the one hundred pieces of Jewel of Bless to purchase items to make our characters more stronger in hunting Kundun.

All our hopes and dreams with the game and in the real world is coming to reality, and it's all because of perseverance.

"When their is bitterness, their is sweetness"

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