Blue Ray of Light

I never expect anything deeper than shallow waters of mutualism, and I don’t find pain of being as Itchigo to Lurichiyo to you!

I don’t know if I caused you pain or made you anxious with the truths that were uncovered under the linen cape of a Lion’s perspective!

You cannot kill a Butterfly by denying his words with silence!

A Flower with beauty grows with buzz around her, for if none she lives in a cold silence of rejection! Embraced with the breeze of sadness and pain!

Illusion blinds as much as anger do! If the skin that covers the truth is peeled, only then you will learn how painful the truth is! “We do not live for, we simply live” and on our own hands is our success and failure, on our own hands is our happiness and sadness! Not their’s or his or her, much more not mine.

Don’t bury your self thru cowardice, self-negligence and indecision. We only live once! Not unless you have proved that there is life after death! Many people strive for independence that some even offered their lives and now we have R.o.P!

I cannot change what fate has for me, so as yours. And all that honesty has brought me to….

In any other more matters that words cannot express, thank you for being a part of the puzzle in me!

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