Blade of Explosion

It's just another luck in hunting down Kundun, we successfully loot the blade even though there were too many party waiting to loot whatever drops Kundun will. We manage to win over other players who were also aiming to loot the most expensive drop. We used our Agility type wizard to poison Kundun and our Agility type Blade Knight for the finishing blows and luckily we stand winner not only against Kundun but also against other player who tries to kill Kundun.

We are only left with problem this kind of weapon is not easy to sell although it's cheap compared to Bone Blade few Magic Gladiators were built to use this weapon. And much more most players who use this weapon are in for items with option of luck, since the item we looted has no luck option, were still looking for buyers until now.

But although we find it hard to sell, still we emerged victorious and against other players and are still hunting Kundun for another good items.

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