Love Moon

Love Moon an anionic sanitary pads! I was curious to know and try the pads but reluctant a bit for the pads was designed for females! I have read the benefits of negative ions for our body, but it was my first time to know that a sanitary pads were designed carrying a anion strips that can release up to 5800 anions.

The pads was designed primarily to solve issues regarding females monthly period or menstruation, however when the pads were on the market consumers learned that it can be useful to every one! Since negatively charged ions can kill bacteria, fungus and viruses; many claims and testimonies regarding sickness being healed by the sanitary napkins anion! Majority claims that the negative ions where good in healing reproductive health problems such as cyst, pelvic inflammation and other inflammation on vagina!

Currently, other application of the anionic pads are fast sprouting like mushroom, the direct application of the strips from the pads that contain anion on wounds and bacteria infected skin diseases.

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