Tour To Lake Agko "The Undying Spirit"

Friday night April 18, 2008 about 8p.m. I headed west toward Cotabato City at The Corpo Cycle Bike Shop. It's where I'm gonna sleep to conserve 15 minutes of energy and strength.

April 19, 2008 about 4a.m. rendezvous at Central Bank Of the Philippines Cotabato City Branch. Me and Codename Lagum where looking for a small stall of fast food to eat our early breakfast! It was a bad idea! for with didn't find any decent one!

Just as Lagum and I was thinking of any ways to pack our empty stomachs with food for energy, the president of CATBA arrived with packs and boxes of hot pastel (Rice and chicken meat rolled in a banana leaves) we were able to eat enough for a one and half hour of non-stop pedal towards Midsayap the first pit stop. We leaved Cotabato City at exactly 5a.m. on my watch heading Midsayap.

The average speed of the group was about 30 to 40 kilometers an hour just as I expected! I was behind with one of their slowest member mister attorney, both of us maintained a speed of 25 to 35 kph! That I decided to stick with so as not to get exhausted as early as 3 hours.

Lagum sticked with us after sensing that he cannot phase with the main group. We arrived at the first pit stop about 30 minutes late. The pit stop was for refueling purpose and re-energize ourselves with the prepared food and drinks by the group. Not merely breathing well the main group already launched just about 5 minutes after we arrived. We hurried our share food and drinks to keep phase with the main group. Sadly we were unable to keep in touch!

The coming roads were almost all uphill up to Pikit, Aleosan. Determined to reach Lake Agko we pedalled our mountain bikes constantly at a speed of 20 to 25 kph until a glimpse of yellow jerseys were on sight on the last climb! We made it to stick with the main group and manage to keep and maintain a 25 to 30kph till we arrived at the second pit stop, Kabacan!

The wheels keep buzzing again after a 20 minutes stop for rest and food! Just as almost I felt like dying under the heat of the sun and hot swirling wind on my face! I saw the flock of the group at the foot of the entrance towards Lake Agko! We were all advice to prepare and store a lot energy for the last trail is the worst of all! It's a 24 kilometers of rough climb!

The group headed uphill. And just as usual I was left behind, but this time I'm all alone for attorney rode the mini cruiser to the lake and Lagum was still strong enough and manage to pedal fast and leaved me behind!

At the point of last 5 kilometers of never ending climb the group settled for launch! After that launched I thought It's gonna a step over! But I was wrong! the trail was even steeper that I made it through the top 1 hour late! The steeper climb and rain shower was my companion for the last 3 kilometers for Lagum left me behind again! The president of the group waited for at the gate of the Lake and tease me "Here's our rider with the undying spirit"! But I find it as a compliment! For I made to the top with riding a engined machine! And the best thing is I brought with me a Freeride Mountain bike with twice the weight of their bikes!

The best part of the tour regardless of the sweet moments at the lake was, the going home! the steep made me experience a speed of about 80 to 120 kilometers an hour with a mountain bike!

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