Rice Shortage.PH "Rice Rice Rice! Rising Price"

The struggling Filipinos right now are struggling to get enough rice for a staggering struggling price that is getting higher and higher as the rice crisis is getting worst!

The Republic of the Philippines have it's own Rice Bowls Uplands and the best part is the International Rice Research Institute IRRI) Resides here! The worst is, she can't produce enough rice for her constituents, and does the government that rules her people are indebted at World Bank, not only for fuel sources but also for enough supply of rice!

As I look and investigate on my own the deeper cause of the problem. It came to a point of a political and economic issue with far deeper reasons that I cannot explain.

Filipino farmers are one of the best farmers in Asia! Yes! not to mention that they have the IRRI to rely on. What caused the rice shortage? With the vast plains suitable for rice production, how come there is so called rice shortage!

Rice Shortage is a crisis itself, but if we are to investigate deeper, the farmers in general, are in crisis for decades! How come? They do the most of the labor! Where did all the fruits of all those labors went?

To wherever our questions lead us! It's a complicated political and economic disease! So to sum it all, let me leave a qoute for you to ponder!

"The Forces of Capitalist Society, If Left Unchecked! Tend to Make the Rich Richer! And Poor Even Poorer!" - Jawaharlal Nehru-

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