The Legendary Lee

It was sometime late March graduation day of my friends younger brother. We were eating at their kitchen when I spotted Bruce Lee's wall sized poster with his undying quotes. Immortalize by his legendary skill with Martial Arts.

I was in deep amazement upon reading his philosophy about life and living, knowing he was a legend I manage to take note of his philosophies with my cellphone, so as not to forget about it and so as to share to some people who doesn't know about these facts, because I myself just discovered it lately.

Take time to read and reflect on it.

"The Highest Art is No Art. The Highest Form is No Form. Walk On. We Do Not Live For, We Simply Live. Life is to be Lived Not Conceptualized. Too Much Analysis Kills Spontaneity. Anger Blinds"

"Knowing is Not Enough, We Must Apply. Willing is Not Enough we Must Do"

- Bruce Lee-

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