I Conquered Pay Per Post! At Last ^__^

I can't remember when and how I got to Payperpost (PPP), the only thing the flashes back to me when I met PPP for the first time was, It was a colorful webpage! But the colors were the stimulus that took me to search, read and skim more thru the webpages and links of PPP.

And so it begins! Since I was a first time blogger then, money making with blog ads was unknown to me. PPP gave me the idea to how I can make a fortune with my blog page. The idea of earning from writing was a very big question on my part, because I don't believe in such idea that some people would pay you just because of writing about the things you like online, but hey! it's a thing from the past, because that time then, proofs regarding paid blogs were also shown on T.V.. And it me made me realize that everything regarding paid blogs were true.

And then it continues! Four Months ago, it was a crucial part of my blogging interest, PPP requires a three months old blog and it was December then, a very busy month that somehow manage to eat up my time that I didn't made even a single post! Luckily I was back online just 3 months ago and what's best! I made a new blogging friends! They gave me web addresses of sites that pays bloggers and sites that pays ad viewers!

In the near future! if all is well and my blogging career with PPP would grant me a monthly paycheck that is more than enough to accomodate my family needs! I would finance a bike park and some charitable institution assistance or law inforcement sector!

Luckily PPP emailed me just today that my blog was approved for PPP opportunities. And at last I conquered PPP's first trials to be a qualified blogger!

Ride Fast! Ride Smart! Ride Free!

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