Feeling Okay, Even I'm Not

Tired feeling all by myself, wishing things to be as easy as abc. Hoping to find another page of life that is worthwhile than the past and worth living than the present! I can't face the part of things being taken away! It pushes me down as if rolling back at the foot of Mt. Apo to roll my ego up at the peak again!

I believed that 40 years of sacrifice can be set calm with one day of cloud number 9! I struggle to survive living hungry for something that thirst and kills my inner me! Such belief hasn't change as of now! But as soon as the hope for such reason that fuels my ego to survive the competition between hunger and hope, I don't know if I will last a day!

Some unexpected things can make things unruly! Anxiety has begun to cower within me spreading the rust of uneasy feeling! I wonder If running at a rock garden at 80kph can shake it off and make me feel new again!

I wonder how would I survive with what's left in me! What ever is left, is dying to survive! is dying to take it's wants! is dying take it's needs! It's dying to be a....!

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