World Where Wounds Never Heal

Throughout my life on this world I never been separated from my bike, wherever I've been there's always my bike on my side to be a part of my exhaust fan; When I'm bored angry or lifeless my bike was one of my outlet for emotions that makes us older.

Nevertheless the world of bikers is considered to be "A World Where Wounds Never Heal" Yeah it's right cause from my early age with biking the same spot on my legs and shins, elbows and shoulders have wounds and scars until now.

These are the marks that made the man I am today. My experience with biking does not affect my civil status or economical standards of living, but it help me developed my confidence and skills that somehow only in biking can be achieve. Much more I've earned new friends that only a high standard professions can have.

When bikers meet expect that a Commanding General of an Armed Forces and a Medical Doctor of a prestigious Hospital or a Engineer who build the tallest building will be as one with the map holder. This is the part that I like most with mountain biking.

Ride Fast! Ride Smart! Ride Free!

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