When Would my Blogging be an Earning Blog?

sigh....! It's been a month since I came back from a vacation on blogging, I was surprised at first when I discovered that I've earned $0.30, it made me smile that somebody took some time to crawl and read my blogs.

Recently I'm earning page impressions on blogs but no more incentives from clicks, I'm getting a little impatient of when will I be getting my first earnings with my blogs. But nevertheless I'm enjoying reading other blogs and posting my blogs and spending more time with it, to make it more productive and to increase the traffic as well.

I still need to wait about fifteen days more to re-register my blog at payperpost, to have another option of income.

To all readers who don't have account on payperpost you may fill up the form at right side of this blog, choose either you are a blogger or an advertiser. God bless and enoy reading or writing.

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