True Friendship

To have a friend is to have one of the sweetest gifts that life can bring; to be a friend is to have a solemn and tender education of soul from day to day.

A friend gives us confidence for life.
A friend makes us outdo ourselves.
A friend remembers us when we have forgotten ourselves or neglected ourselves; he takes loving heed of our health, our work, our aims, our plans.

A friend may praise us, and we are not embarrassed; he may rebuke us, and we are not angered. if he be silent, we understand.

It takes a great soul to be a friend - a large, catholic, steadfast, and loving spirit. One must give much, forget much, forbear much.

It costs to be a friend or to have a friend. There is nothing else in life except motherhood that costs so much. It not only costs time. affection. patience. love, but sometimes a man must even lay down his life for his friends. there is no true friendship without self-abnegation, self-sacrifice.

Remember that when you go on a long, long way which is your way....

The people with whom you travel are much more important than the places to which you travel.

From my favorite book "Gems of Life"

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