The Story Behind World In Conflict

It's been a month since I posted a self review about the recent RTS game World In Conflict it wasn't detailed due to the fact that I wasn't able to play the game.

This time I gave it a try to play it's campaign although I'm not yet thru, I was able to grasp some information regarding the story of the game. It started with the invasion of Russian to the U.S. through the Bays of Seattle and a small number of American soldiers were able to defend it for a while and were able to survive till the president of the U.S.A. made a last resort to defend their homeland.

Col. Sawyer, Cpt. Bannon, Lt. Parker, Lt. Web, Lt. Vance were the main characters of the story, they lead the battered battalion to defend their homeland. The first weeks of the invasion made Col. Sawyers men to continuously go forward to Fort Teller while giving a high resistance against the invading forces to slow them down. Unknown to the Russians that Fort Teller holds nothing to defend U.S. against any Nuclear Attack. It's the reason why Russians were eager to destroy Fort Teller, but they've never known that they were scammed by the Americans with the support of Col. Sawyer's men and the sacrifice of Cpt. Bannon and his men that made the defense successful.

Currently Col. Sawyer's men were task to invade Seattle were the main defense line of Russia was established, and hold and defend Seattle when Chinese Military takes the invasion deeper. With the alliance between Russia and China, the president of the U.S.A. made the last resort, if Col. Sawyer and his men fail in defending Seattle from the invading Chinese. Seattle will be wiped out with a nuclear strike.

If not busy by tomorrow I'll be able to peel the detail of the attack made by Col. Sawyer's men, 'till then I will share you the continuation of the story.

Aerox out!

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