The Story Behind World in Conflict Part II

"We were racing toward Seattle where the main Soviet base lies near the harbor, early in the morning I can hear the rumbling sound of artillery! We pushed toward the harbor and we found ourselves behind enemy lines once again!"

Col. Sawyer and his men have only 45 minutes before the nuclear strike. They have to succeed or else they will all die there. Retreat was never an option. It's either push the enemy out of Seattle or die with them.

It was about only 20 seconds left when I finished the final assault very close to a mission failure. After the success of taking back Seattle, Major Web was caught by a sniper and under a critical condition! The enemy was counter attacking, just when I thought that I won't finished the game Col. Wilkins of the Air Force arrived and gave assistance and pounded the rest of the enemy. Major Web made it through and Capt. Parker, (thats me in game) wrote you the story of soldiers behind enemy lines during the cold war, how they died and lived to defend his country from foreign oppressors.

Other details of story can be uncovered if you will play World in Conflict. Play the hard difficulty to feel the rush of the game. There are also certain settings that I cannot relate especially the situations of the soldiers regarding their family and friends cause it will take a lot of words to describe the emotions and situations that I might miss and will cause a new meaning. Good Luck and happy gaming. Aerox out

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