Road Trip To Upi Via Two Wheels and two Legs

Sunday morning at around six in the morning I went to my friend's house Zagatrix, because it was our rendezvous. afterwards Lara came, our cameraman and our motorcycle driver.

It's already past seven in the morning when we started to pedal to our destination to North UPI. a thirty kilometers of winding uphill, 2kilometers of straight and 4 kilometers of downhill!.

It's was a rough and heavy trip going to the top of North UPI, but thrill and excitement of reaching the top where the city lies is stronger than the gravity!

Zagatrix brought his Downhill rig and mine a Freeride Rig yes! bought are heavy setup of mountain bike rig! wonder why? Because the route going back is the inverse of pull! gravity is pulling us back to lowlands. It took us three hours to climb the city, but it took only one and half hour to be back home. We head straight to Lomboy Awang where fresh clear water river is a picnic spot!

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