My First Day Flights Was A Crash Landing

Launcher Ready? Roger That! Receiver Cleared? Roger That! Projectile Ready? Roger!..... Projectile You are Cleared for take off!..........Projectile in Motion! Leaving Launcher at 50 degrees! Receiver on sight! Estimated Range is 10 feet! Prepared for landing!....SOS! SOS! SOS!

March 15, 2008 A friend of mine was preparing a ramp to practice a no footer and a no hander on air, I was their also preparing a ramp to practice a 180 degrees rotation (again) after a 1 year vacation from freestyle biking. The place was dusty and hot it's a quarry site near our village. After a week, March 21 my friend went back to build the receiver. The following day we went their together with shovel on hand to retouch and finalize the receiver! It was already 1 pm when we finish our agenda at the site!

The sun was high and the air was hot! Benjamin hit the ramp at a minimum speed! damn it was a success! And continuously roll and hit the berm like wall! Very nice jump Benjamin Very nice! He position his bike again and pedaled faster for additional speed and pulled out table top after living the ramp! I decided to try it, Although I got phobia with broken ramps! Adrenalin was pumping and my knees were shaking! I positioned my bike at low gear and keep on pedaling to over run the shaking and shifted to high gear for added speed and boom! As I left the ramp and landed safely and smoothly, it gave a grin to my face! "Now I've conquered my Ramphobia ^^"

We decide to go home for lunch about 2pm and went back about 3pm to try it again and feel comfortable with the ramp! yeah it was comfy for Benjamin cause he was pulling out those damn no footer and no handed attempts! Sorry me after third try, just when it already feel good! My Bike Tilted about 10 degrees to the left off its axis I landed diagonal on the ground and the wheels slipped! All I see was dirt on my face and jersey and pants and helmet and pain on my shoulder and shin and knees and my ipod turned deaf and my bike 4 feet away from me!

My heart was pumping like an artillery rumbling from a distance! Ouch Ouch! a moment of silence and checking! I got wounds and scratch all over my left arm, shoulders and legs, knees ! Thanks to the idea of helmet! I'm alright at all! ^^ Although it's was a disaster I'm gonna give it a try again after I bought my shin and knee guards! Yeah that's what I've learned after 10 years of biking never fly without shin and knee guards! with helmet off course and all those safety blingy thingy! ^^

Who said you need wings to fly!

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