A Li'l of My History

As far as I can remember it was in the early 1980's when we set in our hometown. IT was a year when the dictator leadership of Marcos reigned in our country and blood shed of the dark shadow of war is all over Mindanao and the Archipelago. Communist and Muslim liberation rebels are rampant.

Nowadays Democracy Rules but shadows of Corruption still lingers hidden but not unknown to many. We struggle to survive and live with integrity and justice.

I lived a life where military influence is big mark on my lifespan. I learned their language as well as their way of life. Their war toys is not unknown to me as well as the destruction it may cause and life it will take. Toys that were used and will be use to take life for lives to live. To protect the sovereignty of a Country.

Although inside and out I roam the the military camp, on my growing years I was stepping on a pedal of a mini bicycle and to a bmx and now on a pedal of a mountain bike. I don't claim to be an expert but the places that I've been and experiences I had with my two wheels and two legs, is far more than a pro!

I pray that I'll have my own mobile PDA soon, that I can share to you the face of the earth you never been!

Ride Fast! Ride Smart! Ride Free!

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