Human Race A Savior or A Destroyer?

"Only One Specie Can Save All Species" - Discovery Channel-

When I heard this line while watching Discovey Channel, it hit me as if I'm torn between the matters of being a destroyer or a allie of the Mother Earth and all her life forms under her refuge.

There were times that I never throw my rubbish on the garbage can but there are also times that i nurture nature. Hmmm.... on the second thought, I love nature then why shouldn't I stick to the path of nurturing her and make it a habbit to be one of those green rangers. We only have planet earth!

How about you have you ever think of being a refuge of all lifeforms here on earth maybe yes maybe not! but what matter most now is earth is at the pick of her destruction as human race continue to grow greedy and malcontent. Can you Imagine in one push of a button it'll be raining hell of nuclear warheads! Think about it! Be a savior or be a destroyer!

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