Gandhi's Sacred Teaching

I am neither a man of letters, nor of science but I humbly claim to be a man of prayer. It is prayer that has saved my life.

Without prayers I would have lost my reason a long time ago. If I did not lose my peace of soul, in spite of many trials, it is because the peace came to me from prayer.

One can live several days without food, but not without prayer, prayer is the key to each morning and the lock to every evening. Prayer is the sacred alliance between God and man. In order to be delivered from the clutches of the prince of darkness, we have to choose either to ally ourselves with the the forces of evil, or on the other hand, with the forces of God.

This is my scared teaching:

let everyone try this experience and he will find that daily prayer will add something new to his life, of which there is no equivalent to be found anywhere.

-M. Gandhi-

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