Cigarette Smoking is Dangerous to Your Health

We always read and hear the facts regarding cigarettes, but not all gives attention.

I'm not even expecting that all who read the trimmed paragraph with the heading can be hooked to read this facts furthermore.

I assume that all smokers and non-smokers who knew cigar, know a lot of the harmful effects of cigarettes, so I am to share to you only few facts that I guess unknown to many.

A stick of cigarette consumes 8-15 minutes of your life! Pretty bad for active smokers, not much with passive smokers! But take a second review passive smokers or second hand smoking is more dangerous than first hand since harmful compounds of cigarette smoke gets it's complicated and worst form after reaction with carbon dioxide. And the most disastrous it takes 20 years to clear body systems the moment you stop smoking or protect yourselves from secondhand smoking.

And lastly active smokers are not immune to legal cases such as parecide and genocide!

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