The Rock was the "KEY"

When I bought My First Rock Shox a MTB Fork (Psylo SL 2002) from a Frined of Mine who happens to be a MTB Rider and a Bikeshop Owner, I wasn't expecting that It was his key to open a door for me to the wider and more flexible and more enjoyable (FUN) riding style in the world of Cycling.
I bought the fork at a price out of my reach but away from extravagance because from it's original price was more or less 27k but he sold to me more than half the price plus 5 months installment! ^_^ what a friendly price!!! $_$.
My first impression was to buy the fork and sell it for a li'l income $_$, but it didn't work that way *_* because after 24 hours of reflecting and reminiscing I decided to use it and put it on my BMX, and Tadannnnnn! it work well and fine and it also turned my BMX to a awesome head turner two wheeled machine.
Just a week later my BMX was tested on a long run headed to the beach and after the ride, I said to myself I'm gonna build a Freeride MTB!!! = )
And now I guess I needed only one more month and my Freeride wheels is ready to run in a speed of light ^____^ if all resources comes well and fast. Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu T_T.
Heaven help me ^_^ and thanx to Jun the Fairy Godfather of my MTB *_*

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