50min. non-stop to Cushiong

September 16, 2007; 7:07 a.m. cloudy sunny sky ready! Set! Go!;

I rush thru my pedal for 50 minutes of non-stop throttle to Cushiong beach, using my Hybrid BMX against 3 Cross Country Mountain bikes! At first the road was a li'l unfair its pure concrete and sloopy a very good advantage for those big wheelers T_T, at the middle to the finish line it was a bumpy rough and dusty course the part that I enjoy biking and where I'm used to, and where I pave first thru the end. Good to say they were slow enough for mountain bikers ^^ and I made it first to the finish line ^^.

And the ending a merry square table under a nipa cottage surrounded by big acacia and dodol trees in front of the calm waves and cool salty wind ^^.

Breakfast is served in different varieties: hard boiled eggs, Roasted sea tilapia and bariles, roasted goat and pork meat plus rice and two boxes of hard liquors(T_T I doon't drink that!) so i smuggled some beverages available at the local store and enjoyed my meal backdoor ^^ to escape my shot of Generoso ^_^.

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