Who is the Apolinario Mabini

With the declaration of Martial Law During the Marcos Administration Based on the 1935 Philippine Constitution (subject to research). People were in hiding out of fear from the government due to the injustice accordingly to the victims and mainstream media and by what is recorded in our so called history books.

With the declaration  of Martial Law in the current administration, most of the people are testifying their fear and most them are probably people who have been victims during the Marcos Administration, and most probably most of them are in Luzon. The declaration of the said Martial Law was based on the 1987 Philippine Constitution if I am not mistaken.

I am from Mindanao and me and my family were living here for more than three decades. I for myself have witness the violence and destruction brought about by war. The lives lost the dreams and properties shattered!

For more than three decades we have witness how Improvised Explosive device destroys lives and properties, we have witness how terrorism destroys dreams and hopes of the locals and foreign victims, brought about by local extremist. Kidnapping and bombing was like a norm in Mindanao. And with the existence of ISIS in the Philippine soil, the situation of progress and development in Mindanao went from slow to bad to worst!

For us it is only fitting that Martial Law must be declared.

During the first few days of the Duterte Administration. With his war on drugs, we have witness how the streets were cleared of drug addicts and small time robbers and criminals and frequently some big time drug lords and pushers. Now with the Martial Law, there is a higher resistance against the faces of terrorism and related crimes!

Now into Marawi City. With all the destruction and violence brought about by the attack of the terrorists in the area. people outside of Mindanao are asking why and how did this groups of terrorists initiate the attack and not to mention the numerous counts of foreign terrorist troops killed and sighted. But amidst the chaos people failed to see the real scenario, especially those that are outside Mindanao. It is not just Marawi city. It is the whole country that is under attack! The introduction of new idiology, the beheading the kidnapping the bombing the ambushes and skirmishes that are rarely broadcast due to lack of access or interest of the national media.

People are suggesting their different views and opinion about the report of terrorism. But if we look at it a little more closer, we can't really see a lot. As a civilian we have only access to what we can see with the media. But what about those that are not captured by the cameras.

The pitch dark fog-of-war is so dark that not even the military can see thru it all even with lighted candles! The involvement of: local politics, geo-politics, non-government organization, scalawags and drug lords all contributes to this massive fog of war in Mindanao. It makes the complication invisible to the civilians from afar.

Guerrilla warfare the known tactic these terrorists are using weather conventional or unconventional, have proven how destructive and effective against bigger opponent. This does not only involve soldiers in the front-line but also behind enemy lines and the much more sinister and covert operation of the in-between,  the insiders, the spies the double agents and the likes of Apolinario Mabini. Let me give you an outline of local and geo-politics probable involvement with the current situation in Mindanao and the Philippines as a whole:
  1. USA - CIA(Guatemala 1954 Coup), South China Sea/West Philippine Sea, North Korea, Russia, Terrorism
  2. China - South China Sea/West Philippine Sea, North Korea, Russia
  3. Russia - USA, China, North Korea, Oil, Middle East, North Korea, Terrorism
  4. Middle East - Oil, Russia, Terrorism
  5. EU/UN - Grants with strings attached, Terrorism
  6. LGU - Mayors, Vice Mayor, Brgy. Captains etc.
  7. Government units like OPAPP
  8. NGU - UNICEF, MILF, MNLF, BIFF, BIFMM, JI, ASG, NPA, NDF and some foreign language type of splinter groups, Terrorism, grants
  9. Philippines - South China Sea/West Philippine Sea, Weapon Acquisitions, Rehabilitation of Mindanao (terrorism), Drugs, Human Rights, USA/UN/EU interventions, Foreign Policy.
  10. National Government - Senators, congressman etc.
  11. Anti Administration - Pnoy (SAF44, PDAF/DAF), CHR, Jim Paredes(Victim of past Martial Law) and the Likes.
  12. Private sectors - Mining Firms, abs-cbn, inquirer, Drug Lords etc.
  13. Residence or the locals.
  14. and many more
Among these samples, can you see "Who is the Apolinario Mabini"?

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